There's Magic in her Illustrations {Discover}

Some things - such as a particular talent - are passed on from one generation to another, some are not, get lost over one or more generations and then reappear, as if by magic, one day. My maternal grandmother was very good at drawing and painting, I just found out while admiring a "new" painting at my parents' place - little did I know that my grandmother was the artist behind "The Reader" painting.

I cannot draw or paint for toffee, so the talent definitely skipped a beat (my mom draws like a pro, naturally, while she talks on the phone, for example). This being said, I would like to believe that some form of talent has remained in a highly diluted form in my genes, under a different guise since I have always been attracted to illustrations and graphic design in general. At least, that's what's left in me!

It is only too natural that among the Other Daydreamers' list (my blogroll), you should find this brand new blog by an old friend, Anna Lisa, inspired and inspiring founder and owner of Bonbonbox:  Bonbonbox Illustrations.

She draws funny and whimsical characters from all paths of life and imagination: from dinosaurs to traveling wolves, and enchants our everyday with her stories and colorful art, a true shrine of happiness. I can come back to her drawings over and over and each time I find a brand new, delicate, funny, surprising, detail! In a way, it is like a Never Ending Story. Her pencil stroke is precise and assured, leaving no place for doubts or second thoughts, taking your hand to guide you through life and the children stories she is now writing. Boundless imagination, sense of color and texture - even more now as she investigates new means of expression as collage -  humor and writing skills are all this lady's natural talents.

Over the past months, Anna Lisa helped me cast a different look on illustration thanks to her own creations, ideas and pieces of advice. In a way, it is also thanks to her that I decided to take the road less traveled by (me): that of taking my very own pictures and customizing them with doodles, text and whatever I feel like experimenting. It is also thanks to her that you can now see larger pictures when reading a post here! 

She has also joined the 52-Week Illustration Challenge I told you a couple of words about here. I'll come back to the challenge, an incredible source of inspiration and a talent hub infusing daily delight. It deserves a post of its own in my heart - therefore here.

Hop over to her illustration blog and get ready to be mesmerized by a friendly mermaid or carried away by a friendly dragon living under the rainbow. Nothing is impossible, you know.

1 - TheDaydreamer (framed drawing by Anna Lisa Loffredo)
2 - Chinese Dancing Pandas by Anna Lisa Loffredo

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  1. Thank you soooooo much for such a wonderful post!!! I don't think the talent skipped a beat! You write beautifully dear daydreamer :)

  2. Thanks dear, I am looking forward to many more of your magic stories!

  3. Just took a peek at Lisa's work... how darling, especially the little portraits of Darla and Bongo (love that speak French!) Am also loving your blog's new look!

  4. Hello Catherine ad thank you for your lovely and encouraging comments! Hopefully Lisa's work will be published to illustrate children stories, keep our fingers crossed for her.

  5. Merci merci pour la découverte j'adore son univers :D

  6. TheDaydreamerDiaryMay 23, 2014 at 10:24 AM

    Ravie que ses créations te plaisent, j'espère qu'elles t'inspireront à ton tour !


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