2017 Summer Series: Walk in the Sun {Fairy Talk}

It has become a habit of mine to plan and design every year a special summer series. Why? Summer is a season I look forward to all year long, I crave for it, even now that our family has moved to the south; it is a time of the year where a special place, and special feelings fuel me; a moment of introspection and communion with nature; a unique moment I would not want to miss and one I enjoy writing about.

Let’s embrace this reassuring tradition of mine, shall we? Every year I land in the same location, but I rediscover it every time with different eyes. Why is that? Because I have changed over the past 12 months. So have you, I bet. The summer place that has welcomed me since I was born is a shrine for rediscovery and rebirth. 

You are right, this is all very sentimental and emotional: and over the past  few years I have learned to trust sentiments and emotions way more - call it the benefits of society’s deceits and lies. I know my guts will take me to safe grounds. This shows already in the title I have chosen: “Some day when my crying is done, I’m gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun”, from “Crying in the Rain” by a-ha. Yes, I am revisiting my teenager years but also keep a fond place in my heart and memory for that concert night back in Paris

I like repeating this line to myself and sing it every now and then because it is one rooted in progression, it leads me forward: there’s no way I am going to hide my crying in the rain anymore. I am even going to try not to cry, how’s that for a change? The concert I attended as a considerate birthday present from hubby is one of the happiest moment of the past years. So here you go, I give you a droplet of my happiness. 

Please, treat it with care, it is precious.

The line is one of victory: personal, professional - it does not really matter. It is a victory over combined odds, the endorsement of our own beauty and talents we need to show, smiling and self-assured, to the world.

Summer has always meant for me a period of beauty and abundance of light, silence, nature, family… The right moment then to learn to let go, take it all in and walk fiercely in the welcoming sun to regain strength and look ahead with renewed faith in ourselves and the world.

Let’s go, let’s plunge together: fresh sea salt water and sun rays from  the ancient Mediterranean sea will wake us up from a deep sleep, make us wear a radiant smile again.

Credits: DeathtotheStockPhoto (edited by TheDaydreamer)

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