It's all so still {Fairy Talk}

Rain is not my forte. Rain, when I am inside, at home, in a cosy environment is an entirely different experience.

Both my kids say that they love rain. I suspect it's because they enjoy what's forbidden: jumping in ponds of rainwater, splashing each other and the occasional passerby. Like puppies, they enjoy the festive feeling of seeing and feeling droplets of life all around them. They celebrate life.

Rain, when I am safely tucked at home, with an open window and a sweetly fragrant palo santo stick filling the air; rain with a cup of tea or latte warming the body; rain when I take the time to draw a few cards from one of my beloved inspirational sets; this type of rain is a different story.

This story tells me that I need to slow down. I need to fall silent and soak in every cell of quiet around me. Quiet home, quiet walls, quiet carpet, quiet wooden floors. This quiet leaves white space for the rain to whisper in. Its whisper is enough, there's nothing else I need. Not even music. Although, a few keys of Bjork's song knock on my door... Oh, it's all so quiet... It's all so still...

Some people may call it a form of meditation. I would probably just call it my daydreaming addiction taking over as soon as I realize my batteries are running empty. Then, I shut the world down. And man, do I need to do so! Especially after a social event, lots of buzz, commitments etc. After a while, I need to go underwater. Rain on a spring day is a gentle nudge. It's the water element calling me back to the cradle.

Tell me, what encourages you to dive under the surface to replenish your being? What objects, events, environments or people whisper to your introvert ears?

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