To the Moon {Discover}


This moon phase thing is brand new for me. Another chapter in the #makewaves learning journey and a pretty magic one at that! 

How did it all start…? To be honest, I do not recall the beginning of this adventure… It’s all covered in a soft veil of mist. My reading a couple of books about crystals may have led me to looking for new Instagram accounts, new books, new articles… Chances are, this moon mission of mine may have launched right then.

Who am I to turn my back to the Moon, after all? All the more as the southern European skies that welcomed me this summer are incredibly appealing every night: they show without a shadow the sparkling dress of the stars and the moon. It is a show of sheer hypnotizing beauty. 

To try and focus on mantras, self-development and self-introspection, I recently acquired a deck of cards I use almost daily (victory!) and the beautiful and minimalist Moon Flower Art Deck that combines moon phases and flowers - and this is probably all it took to get me started.

I am now quite familiar with Moon phases and the recent Blood Moon was another opportunity to read many an article about the eclipse, its mechanics and the esoteric or spiritual interpretations that followed. As part of my growing and learning process, I have learnt to let my skepticism down and open my eyes. Anything is possible, I can face it and trust my gut feelings. Where is this leading me?

The next chapter feels more daunting: are moon phases really linked to specific values that can guide our introspection and research? Does this matter in the end? After all, I am using the cards first and foremost as a source of inspiration; when I draw the Waxing Gibbons Moon card and read the associated term “Trust”, I tell myself that this is just the primordial spark. I start thinking about what I define as trust, how I relate to it, what place it has in my life and that of people around me, how to nurture it… The opportunities are endless and once I start down that path, I  never know where it is going to lead me. Ever experienced this? 


Aside from the self-awareness journey spurred by the terminology of the Moon Flower Art Deck, there’s the interpretation and influence of each moon phase over us, humans, and over mother Earth (tides, anyone?).

That will be another chapter for me to tackle soon enough. I hear it is a rather complex and controversial one - is the Moon a feminine figure? What about the symbolism of its cycle? The questions and mystery surrounding it can only encourage me to grab a pile of books, start shooting questions and jump into the new topic! 

Care to join me on the next mission to the Moon?

Credits: TheDaydreamer

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