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Some time ago, I did tell you about Instagram and my battling with it...without really knowing about Instagram, I was later to find out. Or rather, without knowing the whole story about Instagram. Well, let's cut to the chase.

Since then, I have done a few things - and the guys at Instagram too, no more battling and crashing -  starting with finding out that it is actually a visual, picture-based twitter-like account. And this opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my little phone camera and myself.

Basically, I created my account (thedaydreamerdiary) and every once in a while, when I take a picture with the mobile phone on the go, I have fun applying all kinds of filters, choosing the one that I believe fits best to the occasion and sharing the final result on Instagram (at the beginning I posted the pic only on Twitter - not anymore!). Funnily enough, I tend more easily to share personal photos on Instagram, probably because I have the feeling that the network is less popular, more...intimate. I cannot believe I am actually writing this about a network - this verges on the nonsensical... But if you try it, you will see what I mean.

Obviously, I also checked a few other accounts here and there thanks to the in-built Search field and found a lovely list of people who publish great pictures - I simply follow them on Instagram! Here's to a nice routine: once I check what's new on Twitter, Instagram is usually next on my virtual day: I love finding out about what others have seen, how they have interpreted it thanks to the filters and grabbing bits of their visual reality. I have even chosen my Favorites already and feel quite at ease among such a wealth of visual stories.

What I like about the concept is basically what I like about Twitter too: the spontaneity (even though some photographers out there do rework their pics in an incredible manner, I suspect they dedicate hours of work to the task) and the fact that there is a picture community around where you can find loads of inspiration. Some of the accounts that I follow are also among my favorite bloggers so I do find that their pics compliment their profile and their blog beautifully. It is true that most of the time they do not post the same pictures that you can find on their blogs and that is definitely a plus that I tried to apply to my Instagram account as well to avoid being boring and take full advantage of the great gadget app.

If "sharing is caring" as the saying goes...

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