The Daydreamer's Biography

☽ Who is the Daydreamer? ☾

When walking in the street, the one slowing down, looking up, and getting lost in every detail and parallel world, that person, well - it's me, the Daydreamer.

When I look around, I look for light, for the sun to burn my face and for the whimsical cloud to capture my imagination and take me on a magic journey. Yes, from one idea to the other - more often than not inspired by books, movies and travels - my head is in the clouds to describe and enjoy reality from every possible or impossible angle and language...

My head and heart are in books and words, starting with A Prayer for Owen Meany and The House of the Spirits (surprised?) and Le Rouge et le Noir.

Speaking of languages: three of them that I dutifully studied in school and across a couple of countries - including France where I now reside - absorb and express my every thought: Italian - my mother tongue -, French - my other mother tongue - and English - the adopted one. In their company, harmony and chaos and that of their cultures I thrive and find true passion and comfort.

Languages and words I wish to share in my virtual diary with you in a blend of facts, adventures, discoveries and daydreams, combined with photographs and sounds that will make a daydreamer of you... If you please. The blog is bilingual, but posts are untranslated simply because they respond to the call of the inspiration of the moment: if I read a book in English, chances are I will want to tell you all about it in the same language.

I will take you for a lovely walk, have you slow down, look up and get lost into something new, something old, something small, something invisible...

In my wildest daydreams, writing and curating a blog would be my next job. The quest is on in the real world. Wish me luck and positive alignment of the spheres.

The Daydreamer Desk
On the road: The Daydreamer's temporary writing nest...

☆ My Philosophy ☆

Even the fiercest daydreamer and time machine need a few guidelines and mine - as simple as they are - are always evolving in line with the evolution of "nethics": new tools, new rules, new ideas, new profiles - they all call for adjustments.

In the past, I used my photographs (sometimes) and other people's photographs (a lot), doing my best to source them or launch a call for sourcing. From me to you, I am trying to improve my visuals and part of the never-ending learning process is to publish here only (mostly for now) my very own pictures, my shoots of life on earth and beyond, and to modify my profile image.

After all, what I see and how I see it is also who I am.

Two years after having written the paragraph above, an update is in good order: my new profile picture is now up in watercolored black and white touches. Exposing myself by actually showing my eyes and the outlines of my face was no mean thing for me, trust me. But the final result pleases me. It IS me. Who else better than myself can represent this diary (in all modesty)? I am intentionally leaving in my About podcast above the previous picture I used at the very beginning of this storytelling adventure: it is a symbol of the progression of my philosophy around the net, of my choices and new decisions.

This blog is a personal space where sponsored posts have no place. Ideas, thoughts, titles and generally speaking editorial choices are my own. I do value the editorial freedom I enjoy right now: if I like something, I say so. If I don't like something, I say so (told you my guidelines were simple).

If you would like to use material from this blog, I will be very happy and flattered - just ask me first and I will send a smile your way.

☼ Where can you find me? ☼

Do you want to join me for a daydreaming storytelling session? Welcome aboard!

To connect your daydreaming soul with mine, ask a question or shout an exclamation mark, simply write to me - now you know how I love a written note.

For a full and fun daydreaming experience, follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Hellocoton, Soundcloud, Steller and Bloglovin.

See you soon and thank you for your visit,


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